Alan Smith

Daniel Martin MEng MIET

Principal Systems Engineer

Personal Biography

I am currently employed by Kleos Space SA as a Principal Systems Engineer and by Magna Parva Ltd as a Advanced Design and Development Engineer, working primarily in the Aerospace industry with Research and Development, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), and Instrument Calibration projects. I am a keen volunteer with St John Ambulance, operating as the Event Communications Officer, responsible for ensuring safe, legal and effective use of all communications equipment in relation to St John Ambulance operations in the district of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. I also maintain my Advanced First Aider qualification operating at events in a clinical capacity. At the University of Surrey I graduated with distinction in my degree in Space Technology and Planetary Exploration which has many aspects in common with electronic engineering degrees and includes modules on astrophysics and spacecraft operations. I have always maintained high average grades at school, with A's at GSCE and A level. I have also joined a local community hackspace where I run electronics workshop and participate in open source projects in both electronics and programming.

  1. Electronics Experience in Design, Development and Test
  2. Self Motivated Worker
  3. Comprehensive Programming and Software Development Experience

Work Experience

Kleos Space SA

2018 to present

I am currently employed at Kleos Space SA as a Principal Systems Engineer.

Kleos Space Sarl

2017 to 2018

Employed at Kleos Space Sarl as a Principal Electronics Engineer.

Magna Parva Ltd

2011 to present

I am currently employed at Magna Parva Ltd as a Advanced Design and Development Engineer.

Computer Confidence


Working for a small IT company has allowed be to expand my knowledge of server and computer systems. My role was primarily Linux based server administration, automating processes such as running updates and backups on a dedicated hosting platform. It also involved the customisation and PHP scripting within multiple websites, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), W3 code validation and social media integration (Twitter, WordPress, Facebook).

St John Ambulance

2006 to present

I have taken on a large amount of management and leadership responsibilities within St John Ambulance. I have managed large scale events as a Bronze Officer running high profile first aid posts and regularly operate as radio communications officer responsible for the deployment of Emergency Ambulance and other resources throughout some large scale events. I have set up multiple new software systems to aid in the management of personnel both prior and during an event to ensure effective communication to all members. In my Event Communication Officer capacity I am now responsible for the safe, legal and effective use of all communications equipment in relation to St John Ambulance operations in the district of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. This has involved installing and maintaining a variety of VHF and UHF radio networks, overcoming black spots and communications issues potentially present at events.

OC Robotics

2008 to 2009

My placement year was with a small company that specialised in snake arm robots. I experienced a chance to perform extensive cable testing, as well as embedded programming to create my own linear encoder and to create a PHP/MySQL component tracking database system.

Technical Skills

I am a capable programmer in multiple languages including C, C++, C#, Pyton, JavaScript, node.js, PHP, HTML, CSS bash, MATLAB and SQL. I have also created multiple websites by using modern development tools such as bootstrap theme, Dojo Toolkit or the Meteor platform. I have created dynamic websites using vendor provided APIs, such as Google Maps, Trello, Esri and Microsoft Graph. I am competent in the use of a variety of different Operating Systems including Windows (7 and 10, 10 IoT Core), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE and Arch) and Android. I have a variety of experience setting up computer equipment, with knowledge in setting up full range from Servers, Workstations, Tablets, Mobiles and Embedded. I am experienced in a variety of virtualisation methodologies including full hypervisors (vmware and Hyper-V) and software containerisation (Docker).

I have experience in a Laboratory working environment and used to keeping an accurate log book. I am competent in the use of most common electronics test equipment, such Voltage Network Analysers (VNA), spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes, voltmeters and Data Acquisition modules (DAQ). I am a proficient solderer and use both hand and reflow soldering techniques for BGA or 0603 components. I am experienced in Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design and designing electronics for high volume batch production.

  • C
  • C++
  • C#
  • Python
  • JavaScript
  • node.js
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • bash
  • SQL


University Of Surrey


I studied at University of Surrey from 2006 to 2011 where I attended Space Technology and Planetary Exploration, IET accredited degree. Graduated with a Masters in Engineering (MEng) Distinction.

  1. First Year: 81.5%
  2. Second Year: 73.7%
  3. Placement Year: 69.1% AUS Merit
  4. Third Year: 72.4%
  5. Masters Year: 81.5%
  6. Overall: 75.8% Distinction

St. Bede's School, The Dicker


I studied at St. Bede's School, The Dicker from 2001 to 2006 where I attended British Secondary Education.

  1. A-level in Physics, Mathematics, Business Studies & Media Studies: A
  2. GCSE: 5 A*, 2 A, 1 B and 1 C