Daniel Martin

Daniel Martin MEng MIET

Principal Systems Engineer

Personal Biography

Currently employed as a Principal Systems Engineer working in the Aerospace industry progressing Research & Development technologies into commercial products across many industries.

My knowledge and background in Electronic Engineering, Spacecraft System design, Astrophysics and Server Administration provides a broad engineering foundation. I regularly attend conferences, personal development sessions and training to maintain my engineering expertise. I also volunteer as an Event Communication Officer with St John Ambulance supporting communication technologies used at events.

I'm currently employed by Kleos Space as the Principal Systems Engineer, developing the technologies and systems to deliver Radio Frequency (RF) reconnaissance data using Data-as-a-Service (DaaS) platform to serve the Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) community. I also support Magna Parva as a Principal Systems Engineer, supporting projects developing Space hardware, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), Instrument Calibration and commercial exploitation of space technologies.

  1. Systems Engineer for spacecraft and space technology
  2. Electronics, programming and software development experience
  3. Committed professional engineer ensuring quality design & development

Work Experience

Kleos Space Global

2017-09 to present

Kleos Space SA Principal Systems Engineer

2018-11 to present

Supporting aspects of mission management, operations and planning for the Kleos spacecraft constellation. My responsibilities include sub-system and mission level modelling and simulation, supplier selection, system integration, regulatory compliance and payload capture optimisation.

Kleos Space Sarl Principal Electronics Engineer

2017-09 to 2018-11

Responsible for the design, development and testing of electronic and software systems required for manufacturing of large structures in-space, and selection of suitable spacecraft components for Kleos Scouting Missions.

Manga Parva

2011-09 to present

Magna Parva Ltd Principal Systems Engineer

2020-12 to present

Current position supporting a team of Engineers in developing space hardware, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), instrument calibration and commercial exploitation of space technologies.

Magna Parva Ltd Design & Development Engineer

2011-09 to 2020-12

Supporting projects developing space hardware, Ground Support Equipment (GSE), instrument calibration and commercial exploitation of space technologies. I've supported many projects including the design, development, simulation and testing of electronics and software systems. These projects include manipulation of propulsion for microgravity applications, removal of Martian dust from solar panels, non-pyrotechnic release mechanisms, automated biomedical sample preparation systems, and high power ultrasonic tooling for drilling & beverage can production.

St John Ambulance

2007-09 to present

St John Ambulance Event Communications Officer

2017-02 to present

Currently in post as a volunteer Event Communication Officer where I'm responsible for ensuring safe, legal and effective use of communication equipment used in operations throughout the district of Leicestershire, Northamptonshire and Rutland. I regularly attend events for the delivery of medical assistance as a Advanced First Aider or support the communications at the event by operating in the medical control room.

St John Ambulance Secretary, Treasurer, Webmaster & Logistics

2007-09 to 2011-07

I joined St John Ambulance as a volunteer First Aider while at the University of Surrey. In addition to providing medical assistance at events, I supported the local unit with administrative tasks in my role as Secretary, Treasurer & Webmaster. In my final year at the University I became responsible for the logistics and resilience of the unit. The logistics role required sufficient equipment to be available for staff during routine events and planning for abnormal major incidents situations at the University and local hospital.

Computer Confidence Programmer

2011-06 to 2011-09

Upgraded and developed hosted Linux servers for web content delivery. Role involved PHP scripting for multiple customers, including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), W3 code validation and social media integration (Twitter, Facebook & WordPress).

OC Robotics Placement Development Engineer

2008-07 to 2009-07

Employed during my industrial placement year as part of my degree at the University of Surrey. OC Robotics, now a GE Aviation company, specialises in the manufacture of snake arm robots. I developed testing equipment for cable performance characterisation, embedded programming on an STM32 for a bespoke gray-coded linear encoder application, and programmed a component tracking system using PHP/MySQL.

Technical Skills

I've worked on various models and simulation of spacecraft systems, ranging from sub-system level performance characterisations (including battery charge regulation, RF link budget assessment & cable harness performance) to mission level assessments (including payload scheduling, ground station network contact assessment & formation flying evaluation). The models have been utilised across various teams and engineering disciplines, implemented using continuous integration technologies (gitlab) to ensure results are configuration controlled, traceable, and clearly presented to any interested end-user and/or stakeholder.

  • MATLAB Octave
  • MathCad MS Excel

I'm an experienced programmer and software system architect, working in a multiple programming languages and development environments. I've developed with various vendor APIs, including Google Maps, Trello, Esri and Microsoft Graph. I'm competent in the use of a variety of different Operating Systems including Windows (7 and 10, 10 IoT Core, Server 2016, Server 2019), Linux (Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora, SUSE, Arch) and Android. I've deployed various virtualisation methodologies including full hypervisors (vmware and Hyper-V) and software containerisation (Docker).

  • C C++ C#
  • Python
  • JS node.js
  • PHP
  • bash sh PS
  • SQL MongoDB
  • MS Excel VB

I've worked in various Laboratory and Clean room (ISO 6 to 8) environments, performing assembly, integration, testing and verification activities. I'm competent in the use of most common electronics test equipment, such Voltage Network Analysers (VNA), spectrum analysers, oscilloscopes, voltmeters and Data Acquisition modules (DAQ). I've inspected mechanical components using a variety of callipers, micrometer and Coordinate Measurement Machine (CMM). I'm a proficient solderer and use both hand and reflow soldering techniques for BGA or 0603 components.

I've performed design of electronic schematics, Printed Circuit Boards (PCB), cable harnesses and industrial electrical panels (incorporating control through PLC & HMI). I've worked on a variety of Computer Aided Design (CAD) packages to achieve combined electronic (PCB), mechanical and harnessing for fully integrated mechatronic systems. I've also designed and build electronic systems for batch production & test.

  • Altium Designer Zuken E3
  • KiCAD Fritzing EAGLE
  • Seimens NX SketchUp MS Visio


University Of Surrey

Engineering Degree

I studied at University of Surrey from 2006 to 2011 where I attended Space Technology and Planetary Exploration, IET accredited degree. Graduated with a Masters in Engineering (MEng) Distinction.

  1. First Year: 81.5/100 81.5%
  2. Second Year: 73.7/100 73.7%
  3. Placement Year: 69.1/100 69.1% AUS Merit
  4. Third Year: 72.4/100 72.4%
  5. Masters Year: 81.5/100 81.5%
  6. Overall: 75.8/100 75.8% Distinction

Bede's Senior School, The Dicker

British Secondary Education

I studied at Bede's Senior School, The Dicker, from 2001 to 2006 where I attended British Secondary Education.

  1. A-level in Physics, Mathematics, Business Studies & Media Studies: A
  2. GCSE: 5 A*, 2 A, 1 B and 1 C